Steph Curry Lost A Game Of P-I-G To A Los Angeles Angels Relief Pitcher

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steph curry bench

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As it turns out, Steph Curry is indeed a human being and not a basketball cyborg created in Dr. Krieger’s lab. Or he may not have been trying very hard. Or maybe Mike Trout and relief pitcher Joe Smith of the Los Angeles Angels are better at basketball than anyone suspected. Or maybe it’s a combination of all those things.

Either way, Curry suffered an all-time upset in a game of P-I-G against Trout and Smith. (The Angels are in Oakland for a series against the A’s.) Apparently, it was Smith’s three-point game, of all things, that did Curry in for good.

“Well, you don’t go into something expecting you’re going to lose, that ain’t how you become a professional athlete,” Smith told the Associated Press. “Everything you do you want to win. But that was pretty cool. Like I told him, we positioned everybody the right way. I just got lucky, I was in front of him and there were four guys. All of his tough shots, everybody else missed. We knew somebody had to beat him. We couldn’t walk out of here without a win, you know? That’s not making ESPN.”

For the record, Trout beat Warriors forward Draymond Green as well, leading everyone to believe that his true calling should have been on the hardwood. As for what this means regarding Golden State’s quest for 73 wins on Wednesday, clearly the outlook is bleak.

(Via the Associated Press)