Soulja Boy Wants To Race Bow Wow For His Lamborghini (Bow Wow Responds)

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Soulja Boy’s Reply To Bow Wow

How about the loser give me the Lambo, now that makes sense. Soulja Boy’s initial challenge is below.
Soulja Boy responds claiming that Bow Wow’s Lambo is rented. A reader below wrote:

No, his car is NOT RENTED. The Lambo comes from “Prestige Imports” in Palm Beach Miami, not a rental place. Like somebody else already said The owner of Prestige Imports is Brett David. They know each other and he was even in the Cribs video with Bow Wow a couple of years ago. Bow purchased this one from Prestige. Check out Jamie Foxx at the 2005 MTV VMAs in Miami…same plates on his lambo. Also, check out “sharpie lambo”…google it. Same plates.

Check out the Lambo website

Here’s more info about Brett David being the youngest dealer in the world to open a Lamborghini dealership.

Lol this is getting interesting, MediaTakeOut is 95% of the time wrong so I expect a Bow Wow video shortly.

Soulja Boy Challenge’s Bow Wow

Bow Wow’s Reply

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