Soulja Boy Is Still Beefing With Chris Brown, Who Is Shockingly Taking The High Road

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

It sounds kind of crazy, but we’re already almost a quarter of the way through 2017. It feels like a few lifetimes ago that the story dominating all the headlines was about Soulja Boy doing a bunch of Soulja Boy things, including picking a fight with the equally rambunctious R&B star Chris Brown.

All of that happened way back in January — again, a few lifetimes ago in internet time — but Soulja Boy isn’t over it just yet. No, not after Chris backed out of a chance to fight Soulja in a sanctioned boxing match for some cash. Soulja is still egging Chris on to make the bout happen. His latest bit of instigation came during a show in Minnesota where he told the crowd of his fans “Chris Brown backed out the fight like a little b**ch mane.”

During an elongated intro to his track “Crank That Soulja Boy,” he continuously called Brown a “b**ch ass n***a” and his hypeman alluded to the fight being worth $40 million. “He scared to get in the boxing ring with little ol’ me?” Soulja playfully asked before proclaiming “I will knock Chris Brown b***h ass out.”

To his credit, Brown isn’t taking the bait. After seeing the video on Baller Alert’s Instagram account, he left a comment saying, amongst other things, “The opportunity to embarrass and do harm to him isn’t even funny anymore.” Brown also claims he set up a private gym for them to finally fight in private and end their beef only for Soulja to not show up. “There’s nothing more to say,” Brown said. “It’s not gonna (sic) happen.”

So maybe, just maybe, this national nightmare is finally over. Or maybe, more likely, Soulja will continue talking about it for as long as people are laughing and cheering. Whatever the case, Brown has apparently decided to bow out of the spectacle…for now.

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