Soulja Boy Confirms That He Is Going To Fight Jake Paul

Posted by Carolyn Droke on

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Yes, you read that correctly.

The rapper and youtube star had been exchanging insults over Instagram at the beginning of February. The two settled on arranging a boxing match to let the best man win. Soulja Boy offered up $20 million to place on the fight, and Jake Paul said he’d match the hefty bet.

“Jake Paul can’t beat me in no fight. He know that. You know that,” Soulja boy bragged in a video via TMZ. “It’s really gonna happen though. Yeah, it’s for real.” Soulja Boy seems confident in his ability to win the fight. According to the rapper, Jake Paul only thinks he’s going to win because “he got weight advantage.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Jake Paul stepped into the ring. Recently, Paul boxed fellow YouTuber Deji and won. Soulja Boy claimed he has not yet seen Jake Paul fight.

Two years ago, Chris Brown backed out of a fight with Soulja Boy. The fight was arranged following news that Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend had filed a restraining order against Brown. After weeks of back and forth on social media, Chris Brown eventually backed out of the fight. This fight with Jake Paul could finally be the fight Soulja Boy has been itching for.