So How Are Men Suppose To React To An Out Of Hand Female?

Posted by uproxx on

I’m sure a lot of men have been pushed to the point of contemplating hitting a female, but you must show restraint. I’m not saying it is never right to hit a female, but only under extreme circumstances. I think its justified to give a female an uppercut if she is tying to kill you, pulls out a weapon(gun/knife), or is bigger than you, looks like man and is beating your @ss. If things are not that extreme you need to ignore her, leave the area, hold her down to calm the situation, or shake the sh!t out of her like Chris Rock(not suggested). DO NOT hit a female in the face especially, you are just begging for jail time even if she started the entire situation, when people see what you did to her face it is over for you. In conclusion if your life is not in danger calm the situation down or leave.

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