Snoop Dogg’s Induction Of Tupac Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Was Touching And Full Of Weed Humor

Posted by Jason Nawara on

Pearl Jam, Journey, and Electric Light Orchestra were all memorialized as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 2017 class, but Tupac Shakur’s induction by his longtime friend Snoop Dogg was the highlight of the evening. Not only did Snoop’s speech touch on the importance of Tupac’s legacy as expected, but it was a heartfelt tribute from one friend to another over twenty years since Shakur was murdered.

Snoop seemed more serious than usual during the speech:

“While many remember him now as some kind of thugged out superhero, Tupac knew that he was only human,” said Snoop. “To be human is to be many things at once, strong and vulnerable, hardheaded and intellectual, courageous and afraid, revolutionary and oh yeah, don’t get it fucked up, gangsta.”

Eventually, the praise turned to reminiscing about some of the weird times Snoop and Tupac had together in the early ’90s (h/t XXLMag):

“I had just beat my case and Suge had taken us to South America to get away from all the drama and me and ‘Pac was parasailing. You heard right. Snoop Dogg and Tupac parasailing together. You got to remember, I had just beat my case and ‘Pac had just got out of prison. Does anybody know what parasailing is? Because we damn sure didn’t.”

But possibly the most important information in the history of Snoop Dogg’s career was finally revealed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — 2Pac got Snoop into smoking blunts.

“That’s right, Tupac is the one that got Snoop Dogg smoking weed. I was a zig-zag man before that shit.”

And he was never the same again.

(Via Spin)