Show How Much You Really Care With These Migos’ ‘Bad And Boujee’ Valentines

Posted by John Gotty on

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Coming up short on what to get your special someone on this day designated for lovers? Or maybe there’s that special someone you’ve been considering dropping a flirtatious hint to but don’t want to plop down a ton of cash to do it today. Then let Migos help with these special edition Valentine’s Day cards conveniently sized for sliding in DMs.

The Atlanta group has joined forces with Spotify to create a timely and crafty assist for anyone who needs a little help expressing their affection today. The cards utilize the “Rain drop. Drop top” opening from Migos’ hit song “Bad and Boujee” while leaving room for users to fill in the blanks with their own little ending version of the rhyme. It’s kind of cool and plays right into the viral nature that’s already attached to the song so it’s a nice win for the Culture crew. Each card comes with various illustrations like pictures of each the group members, those little candy hearts with “YRN” inscribed on them, Ramen noodles, double cups and things of that nature. So go ahead, crack open those poetry writing techniques your learned in seventh grade and make your own right here, courtesy of Spotify.