Schoolboy Q Pushed Back The Release Of His New Album In The Wake Of Mac Miller’s Death

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

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The sudden and unexpected death of Mac Miller hit the hip-hop community extremely hard. Judging from the outpouring of grief and respect from his peers, it was obvious that Miller was one of the genre’s real good guys. That being said, for some, the pain still lingers and will for quite some time. Among that number includes his close friend Schoolboy Q, who recently told a crowd during a live show in Chicago that he’s decided to push back the release of his highly anticipated upcoming album in the wake of Miller’s death.

“You know I drop albums every two years, right?” he said to the audience at House Of Vans. “But listen, with my n—-gone right now, I just don’t feel right putting out an album.” He added, “I’ma go back, and I’ma figure out when I’ma put this f*cking album out, because ya’ll are going to get this album. I promise that. I’m just not ready to walk into the radio station and the first thing they ask me is, ‘So Mac Miller…’ I’m not ready to deal with those questions. So, right now, I’m not ready to put nothing.”

Q admitted to feeling shook by the news and questioned why he was even onstage at the moment. “As ya’ll can tell, I’m not my real self right now. I shouldn’t even be here right now. But like I said, my n—- Mac would not want me to be in the house sad. He would clown me for some weird sh*t. I’m here today because it’s no way he would allow me to sit in the house and be a little b*tch. I’m not gonna be a little b*tch.”

While many of his closest fans might be disappointed at the delay, there’s no question he’s making the right decision for himself at this moment.