Rihanna Enjoyed Her NBA Finals Experience And Yelled ‘Brick’ At Kevin Durant

Posted by Martin Rickman on


When she wasn’t being shipped with Jeff Van Gundy by basketball fans everywhere, Rihanna seemed to genuinely enjoy her NBA Finals during Game 1 of Cavs-Warriors at Oracle Arena on Thursday night.

She dropped a dab on everyone:

She got plenty of camera time:

And she even found a way to troll Kevin Durant during his epic 38 point, eight rebound, eight assist performance that put the Warriors that much closer to redemption after last year’s blown 3-1 series lead:

Rihanna should be a staple at pretty much every sporting event, especially if she’s going to be out there heckling. Hey, she paid good money for that seat, and she has every right to strut and boo just like any other Silicon Valley tycoon who goes to a Warriors game.

What we need now is her making jokes about the Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead, or popping into random ping-pong tournaments to talk smack about a dude who doesn’t know how to use his paddle correctly.

But she didn’t stop there, she had a few choice words after the game too.

If anything, I know now not to cross Rihanna if she ever randomly appears at one of my pickup games because after I brick my 20th jumper, she’s going to show no mercy. Chances are she was letting Durant off easy.