Rick Ross’ Attorney Addresses His Baby Mother, 50 Cent Reads Ross’ Financial Affidavit

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Statement from Rick Ross Attorney Allan Stephen Zampren

My name is Allan Stephen Zamren, I am the attorney who is and has represented the Platinum Recording Entertainer whose stage name is Rick Ross. Mr. Ross is currently involved in a child support; paternity case with a woman who is claiming he is the father of a three (3) year old male child. There are statements being made alleging Mr. Ross is the father of this child but not taking care of the child financially or otherwise; that is absolutely NOT TRUE.

So the letter says Rick Ross is not a deadbeat and the car was taken away from his Baby Mother because she used it as a deadly weapon. The rest of the letter is below.

50 Cent reads Rick Ross’ financial statements


50 Cent Interviews Rick Ross Baby Mother

As a matter of fact and for the record, every month on or about the first of the month Mr. Ross pays a substantial amount of money, in excess of State of Florida, Child Support Guidelines to this child’s mother for the support of the child. This child support money is in addition to money Mr. Ross pays the mother for clothing and other expenses for the child. Mr. Ross has also established a pre-paid college fund for the child and paternity of this child has not yet been determined.

A motion to return the motor vehicle that has been the subject on various internet websites was provided to the mother prior to 2009 for various reasons including but not limited to being charged for aggravated battery, battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor when the mother used the vehicle as a deadly weapon. The mother failed to put the child in a car seat and purposely drove the vehicle into another while the young child was in the car.

The mother is currently unemployed and has (2) other children from another man whom she receives limited child support for. Statements made by or on behalf of the mother to disparage, defame, libel and slander Mr. Ross as to the child to obtain additional child support payments are untrue. Mr. Ross is an excellent charitable member of the community. I have known him for years. It is my pleasure to represent him and to know him.