Review Of T.I.’s, “Road To Redemption,” Episode One

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RealTalkNY was one of the few selected media outlets given an opportunity to sit with T.I. and watch the first episode to his new MTV series. The eight part mini-series titled, “Road To Redemption,” is set to debut February 10th @ 9pm on MTV. Following episodes will come on at 9:30 on Tuesdays.

Before the first episode was played T.I. took part in a small Q&A. He stated he is currently recording and will be shooting a video for Dead & Gone during the weekend of the Grammy Awards. He stated he has enough songs to release an album but didn’t mention if he wold in fact drop an album in the near future. His first film as a producer, “Takers,” is currently being in the editing process and he may be working on another TV series with MTV. He says he puts his input into every piece of AKOO clothing and is also venturing into sports management and opening a restaurant. He goes on to say he wants to shoot a, “Swagga Like Us,” video but everyone is busy. They all agreed they would only do a video if all of them were in it together. Grand Hustle is currently working on the new albums for, B.o.B., 8Ball and MJG, Young Dro, and Killer Mike.

A recap of the 1st episode is below.

The first episode first gives us a recap of T.I.’s life and what lead to his arrest. T.I. states, “No amount of jail time will teach me more than the lesson from that moment.” T.I. talks about the night his best friend got killed and how that played a part in him obtaining guns. T.I. was released on 3 million dollars bond, has an ankle bracelet on 24 hrs a day and must complete 1000 hours of community service in order to get a his jail time reduced. If he breaks any law the deal is off.

The show gives you a chance to see the real T.I. with his fiancee and children. He is shown at home with his six children. T.I. says it wasn’t difficult explaining to his children that he is going away but also mentioned they might not fully grasp he will be gone for a long time.

In the series T.I. will help 7 youths at a crossroads in life. These 7 young adults are heading in the wrong direction in life, from gang violence to drug dealing. In the first episode T.I. hopes to change the life of a young man he first met at a gas station while he was selling crack. The young man has had a very hard life and does whatever he can to survive.

In MTV fashion, the young man is not told what is about to happen and is shocked to see T.I. walk into the room. T.I. first shows him where his lifestyle can lead him to. He is first given a taste of prison and then shown a morgue. T.I. then sees what youth would like to do with his life and proceeds to take steps to help him.

Basically the show aims to change the lives of 7 youths for the better by showing them the cons of their life. After there are shown the reality of where they might end up T.I. helps them pursue their dream career. The show will also chronicle the countdown until T.I.’s court date. The show had its serious moments and also made you laugh. I found the show interesting for the fact they show you the background of the troubled youths so you understand what they are going though. T.I. doesn’t sugar coat his life and admits to all the mistakes he has made. As for what T.I. thought of the series, he states, “I’m proud of it, I want it to impact the lives of the millions of young people that will watch.”
Hopefully T.I. can influence these young people to change their lives for the best.