Redman Has A Son Born On 4/20 So Of Course He Got Him A Blunt Cake

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Of course Redman has a son born on 4/20. Of course he does.

Legendary emcee Redman is renown for his lyrical potency and his propensity for smoking weed. Oh, and his incredible episode of Cribs. For five lucky people, Red is just dad, and for one of his sons he’s the coolest stoner dad ever. Red’s son Najeé celebrated a birthday on the joyous occasion that is April 20th, so the proud pops made sure to celebrate the special day with his son, cake and all. Now, because Redman isn’t your typical dad, and 4/20 isn’t your typical day, he put a little spin on the typical birthday festivities.

He got his son a cake shaped like a gigantic blunt. No, seriously, Redman is the exact, super chill Weed Dad you thought and always hoped he was.

Red posted the cake on Instagram for the world to see and wished his son a happy birthday, and even let everybody know that they were in Denver, CO, to cover all of the legalities in play. “HAPPY BDAY to my Son NaJee,” he said in the post. “You born on 420 you so Blessed ! Got my Nefews frm Jersey in the Building !Enjoy ! We all In Denver ! TURN UP!”

The hilariously detailed cake was complete with a large plume of smoke, some sprinkles doubling as crumbs of herb and even a dozen green frosted cupcakes. If having Redman as a dad wasn’t already cool enough it somehow just got cooler for NaJee. Check out a closer view of the cake below.

Instagram Photo