Questlove Partnered With Live Nation To Introduce Meatless ‘Impossible’ Cheesesteaks At Venues Around The Country

Posted by Rahul Lal on

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Questlove is truly a jack-of-all-trades and he’s showing off his entrepreneurial spirit with his latest venture. The legendary Philadelphian is teaming up with Live Nation to launch a meatless, plant-based cheesesteak that will be available at 40 venues across the country beginning this spring. It’s no secret that Questlove is a foodie as he broke down the top food in Philly from cheesesteaks to falafels and much more. Whether he’s making appearances on shows, using his voice, or sound, rather, for political activism, or just performing regularly with The Roots Crew, he’s made his impact across industries.

It sounds like an entirely random move but it’s more important than you think. In today’s age, there have been many open discussions about health concerns of eating meat and eating too much of it. For many minority communities, healthy options are not affordable or accessible and instituting these kinds of meals as commonplace could go a long way to preventing health issues in the long-term.

As early as March 28, Philly fans, also known as the toughest cheesesteak critics out there, will get a chance to try out the new Impossible Cheesesteak. This cheesesteak alternative will be available at every Philly home game as well as other events such as concerts. This isn’t the first time Questlove has introduced Impossible meat, in fact, the Impossible Burger has been a big hit at the Roots own festival as well.

Questlove spoke on that experience via a press release:

“We first tested this product at our annual Roots Picnic music festival in Philly in 2018. Without any forewarning, we offered the Cheesesteak in our VIP area which was mainly populated with friends and family and no one believed me when I told them the “meat” was not beef, but plant-based. My team and I saw an opportunity to roll out the product on a much larger level. To have the Phillies and Live Nation as our initial partners is great as it speaks to my love for my hometown of Philadelphia combined with my love of music. However, the goal for this product is to create a global network of restaurants, venues, and retail locations where Questlove’s Cheesesteak can be purchased.”

Be sure to pick up an Impossible Cheesesteak when they get released and don’t worry, even if it won’t come with the same grease stains, it’ll have the same flavors.