Queens Rap Crew World’s Fair Reintroduce Themselves With The ‘So Far Gone’ Documentary

Posted by Aaron Williams on

When international rap superstar Drake first introduced himself to the world, he used the So Far Gone mixtape to make sure everyone would know who he is. Now, experimental New York rap crew World’s Fair is operating on the same principle, borrowing Drake’s title to salute their progressive music’s potential audience with a new documentary that may make their names recognizable far beyond the five boroughs.

The doc, produced in conjunction with The Fader, follows the seven-man crew throughout their home borough of Queens, chronicling their unique chemistry and fearless avant-garde stylings as they grind to go from underground sensation to stealing the spotlight with their latest album, New Lows, out now via Fool’s Gold Records.

The group details their experiences growing up together in Queens, the brotherhood that resulted from that shared experience, juggling the responsibilities of adulthood with independently pursuing a rap dream as a cohesive unit, and the possibility of leaving it all behind. The rest of the seven-minute doc features footage from a recent, rowdy show in their hometown, intercut with some of their own self-shot behind-the-scenes footage.

Whether or not New Lows really turns out to be their last album ever, it’s clear Remy Banks, Jeff Donna, Lansky Jones, Nasty Nigel, Prince SAMO, DJ THOTH, and Cody B will remain tight as a brotherhood of friends, bonded by the pursuit of their common goal.

New Lows is out now on Fool’s Gold Records. Get it here.