Prophets Of Rage Do What They Were Made To Do On The Stomping, Angry New Song ‘Unf*ck The World’

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

Prophets of Rage — the supergroup built out of parts of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill — stays true to its political agitator pedigree with their new song “Unf*ck The World.”

The band debuted the new track during a stop in Chile last night, and it sounds about like you would expect from a rap group that uses Rage’s band as it’s backbone. The guitars crunch like a “Bulls On Parade” b-side. The drums convey a chaotic march and Chuck D and B Real deliver verses full of slogans that will almost certainly be run through a megaphone filter before they make it to radio. Check out a fan-shot video of the performance — complete with a squealing Tom Morello solo — up top.

“Unf*ck” is the latest explicitly political track from the group tailor-made to make these kind of resistance anthems. Since they formed, the band have been making statements via their music as well as where they choose to play, performing shows at prisons and at the Republican National Convention. The band even went so far as to play an anti-inaugural protest concert — that included an Audioslave reunion — to make clear their feelings about the election of President Donald Trump.