Premiere: Sixo And Open Mike Eagle’s ‘Numb’ Is A Surreal Trip

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

Scotty Trimble is a man of many hats. The former professional motocross racer has made the transition to rap producer as Sixo, and he’s on the verge of releasing his third full-lenght project The Odds of Free Will. Sixo spent three years crafting the album, working with Jinx McGee on guitar and synths, David Moss on cello, and brother brother Maddox Trimble on bass to fuse his brand of sampling with live instrumentation for the LP. To round out the project he added Milo, Ceschi, Onry Ozzborn, Myka 9, Awol One, Gregory Pepper, Grace Park, Heir Max, Josh Martinez and on the album’s first single, Open Mike Eagle.

On “Numb,” Sixo provides a solemn, almost eerie production for Mike to run through, and the indie star obliges, toying with words and tossing in vivid imagery throughout. “I’m cruising down the street on an overweight Pegasus,” he blurts to open the track before continuing to depict the surreal image. “Tilted, chill but easily guilted / I’m wack on the bagpipes but will play it if the quilt fits.”

It’s just a glimpse of what Mike has in store for the track and Sixo for The Odds of Free Will as a whole when it hits retailers April 21.