Playboi Carti Performing ‘Shoota’ At A Bar Mitzvah Proves Carti Is For The Children

Posted by Aaron Williams on

The best thing — or worst thing, depending on the situation — about kids is how honest they are. If they like something, they like it, no reservations or pretenses required. Which is why, despite Playboi Carti’s insistence on foregoing about half of what makes rap, rap, he’s so popular with the youth. They just plain like him for his bouncy beats and nonstop energy, which probably how he ended up performing his Die Lit single “Shoota” at this kid’s bar mitzvah, along with the kid himself, and everyone seems to be having a good time.

Captured on some party attendee’s social media and unearthed on Reddit today after a video made its way to Youtube, the video depicts Carti playing hype man to the exuberant karaoke performance of the party’s honoree onstage while other excited partygoers film on their phones. It’s likely there are more videos of the performance floating around, but for now, this one will have to offer up enough proof that, like Wu-Tang Clan, Playboi Carti is definitely for the children. Along with their support and his recent performance on SNL with Nicki Minaj, now might be a good time to get used to seeing him, because it doesn’t look like he’s going away anytime soon.

Carti’s Die Lit is out now via AWGE and Interscope.