Pimpin’ Curly Episode 4: Meet Uncle Pinky

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Complex recently Interviewed 50:

Complex: Has Rick Ross been the easiest target thus far?

50 Cent: He is. He has absolutely been the easiest one. Cam’ron was fast because he just went away so fast that there wasn’t an issue at all. He called me the name my mom gave me as disrespect. He called me Curtis, so I named my album Curtis. And then with Rick, when you have a guy that presents himself as the biggest drug dealer from Miami, who’s previously a correctional officer, has no criminal history at all. There’s no one who can actually say anything to support what he’s actually doing. You got the people from Miami that surrounds it, moving away from it, going, I’m glad I don’t have that headache. He made a mistake. What happens is when you mess with an artist that has more energy than you, sure you raise your awareness, but not with your music. Not with your actual art. it doesn’t drive people to the store. People acknowledge that you have an issue with 50 Cent, but you fade to black after that dies down.