Pics: R&B Live ft. Trey Songz, Bobby V, J.Holiday, Case, Ray J, Akon, Etc.

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Trey Songz
Photos By Nigel D.
Bobby ValentinoCaseJ. Holiday

Power 105.1 held, “R&B Live,” @ B.B. Kings last night. Performers included Trey Songz, Bobby Valentino, J.Holiday, Case, Novel, Akon, Ray J, Red Cafe and Beanie Man. More pics below along with a recap of the night. VIDEO ON THE WAY…

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I got there early and the line was already ridiculous but my connect managed to get me in. Then the guy in charge goes inside and tells everyone without a wristband to leave. I just laid low until the show started. Unfortunately there were 2 major fights during the night. I guess due to it being crowded people started to act up over being bumped into. Well the first fight had a girl laid out the floor being dragged by her hair and the second fight was two guys(nothing major).


1st performer was R&B newcomer Novel who will be dropping, “The Audiobiography,” June 30th.
Novel – Single “Makes You Happy”

After Novel was a few acts I never heard of then Case. Case got some hits in his catalog and kept the crowd rocking. His new album, “The Rose Experience,” is in stores now.

Next came some surprise guests: Akon, Ray-J & Red Cafe. Akon did a verse, the Red Cafe performed, “Hottest In The Hood.” Bobby V was taking too long so Ray J performed, “One Wish,” with Akon on the drums.
AkonRay JRed Cafe

Next up was Bobby V. He did his thing, performed his hits along with some from other people(old and new). Also brought a girl on stage and got his face between her legs LOL. Bobby V.’s new album, “The Rebirth,” is in stores now.
Bobby Valentino
Bobby Valentino

Next was J.Holiday (“Round 2,” in stores now) followed by Beanie Man(surprised everyone)
J. HolidayBeanie Man

Finally it was time for the main attraction, Trey Songz. Jermaine Dupri came out to announce Trey Songz’ arrival. Along with doing his hits Trey Songz performed his freestyles over, “Paper Planes,” & “Blame It.” He also did a new track of his upcoming album.
Jermaine DupriTrey Songz
Trey Songz
Trey Songz

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