Paul Heyman Introduced Desiigner At His NYC Concert And It Was Lit

Posted by Bill Hanstock on


Paul Heyman’s hip-hop bona fides aren’t quite as well-known as, say, Ric Flair’s, but you don’t run on the periphery of counter-culture for as long as the creator of ECW without getting some serious underground cred. The guy’s been tight with Wale forever, you know. And of course, there was this:

Anyway, Heyman took the next step toward being a hip-hop icon by being tapped to introduce one of the biggest rappers around right now. Before Desiigner’s show at the Playstation Theater in New York City this week, Heyman took to the stage to introduce the man, and it was a spiel worthy of hyping up Brock Lesnar … only with more F-bombs.

Not F5s, F-bombs.

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Sadly, Desiigner did not then take the stage in an I’M A PAUL HEYMAN GUY shirt, but you know that it was implied. Let’s hope that the upcoming The Life of Desiigner album has at least one skit involving Heyman, because rap album skits are the only things that truly live on forever, and if anyone deserves to be immortalized in such a way, it’s Paul E. Dangerously.

Feel free to spend the rest of your day wondering who should make “Panda” their entrance music. Personally, I would vote for noted zoo enthusiast Kevin Owens.