Offset’s Album Didn’t Drop Today As Expected, And Some Fans Are Blaming It On Cardi B

Posted by Andre Gee on

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Offset’s still unnamed album didn’t drop today as expected, and after Offset’s “OOOOPPPSSSS” tweet in the middle of the night, his fanbase has a likely culprit for the circumstance: Cardi B. The Migos member was set to finish off the group’s solo album trifecta on his birthday, but that was before he split with his wife last week after numerous instances of cheating. Offset tweeted out, “I miss Cardi” recently, which fans took as a sign that he is pretty distraught about the situation. Comparatively, Cardi’s fans have noticed how happy she’s looked in pictures, and also her recently changing a line onMotorsport” from “I told him the other day / Man, we should sell that porn” to, “I told him the other day / We’re going to get a divorce” at a concert. A small group of users are putting two and two together and making tweets about how Cardi’s departure temporarily took Offset’s creative flow with her.

Offset has been mostly quiet about the impending divorce, though people like 50 Cent have had their two cents in trying to get the couple back together. 50 replied to a Cardi B post telling her to “go back home,” and he also told Offset to “just kiss her ass man,” which probably isn’t the worst advice after Offset’s latest cheating scandal. Who knows what the album’s non-Friday morning release means for the Set Gala event that Offset announced for December 15. Time will tell. In the meantime, you can see some of the tweets below.