Offset Apologized To Cardi B For Being A ‘Selfish, Messed Up Husband’ On Instagram

Posted by Caitlin White on

In an unexpected post earlier this month, Cardi B let the world know that she and her superstar rap husband, Migos’ Offset, were officially breaking up and a divorce was in their future. While toxic Nicki Minaj stans may have celebrated this as a win for their queen, who has rather infamously been in year-long beef with Cardi, most of the world found the news to be extremely sad.

That goes double for Offset, who has been tweeting his remorse, and didn’t drop his solo album amid a ferocious news cycle that involved plenty of allegations about his further infidelity.

Today, on his birthday, he addressed the rumors head on, publicly apologizing to both Cardi B, and their daughter Kulture, for his transgressions of cheating. “I want to apologize to you Cardi… I was partaking in activities that I shouldn’t have been taking in,” he said in clear-eyed, but emotional Instagram video tonight. “I apologize for breaking your heart and breaking our promise… and being a selfish, messed up husband.”

In the clip he mentions another woman, who he said he didn’t have sex with, but was entertaining. The video is a pretty public way to address their differences, but it remains to be seen what Cardi’s reaction to it will be.