NWA Went To IHOP Instead Of Their Own First Listening Party Because They Couldn’t Get In

Posted by Aaron Williams on

In 1988, NWA was on top of the world and soon to be on top of the charts, but that still didn’t help them get past security at a fancy club for their own listening party. Ice Cube shared the story on The Late Late Show With James Corden, explaining that the crew had to get a little ingenious after they didn’t meet dress code standards.

“We couldn’t get in,” he says, smiling at the recollection. “We were late because of Eazy — he always made us late. We show up and it’s pretty swanky. You gotta have your Easter shoes on and stuff like that. We come in khakis and Chucks. We’re not famous then, nobody knows who we really are. Security was like ‘y’all gang-bangers are not coming up in here causing trouble.'”

Even the owner of the label was unable to convince the security guard to let the band in, so they decided on a new course of action: “So we ended up going to IHOP and just fussing about it. It was terrible.”

Cube was on the show to promote his new album, Everythang’s Corrupt, his first in eight years. He started recording the album back in 2012, and released it this past Friday, December 7 on Lench Mob and Interscope. In another recent interview, he shared his thoughts about Kanye West and Donald Trump.