NoMBe’s ‘Freak Like Me’ Is So Luxurious That It Almost Earns Its Cover Art

Posted by Alex Galbraith on

Sometimes all it takes is one moment to make a song great. And that moment isn’t hard to identify in NoMBe’s new track “Freak Like Me.” It starts with a holler of “She won’t tell nobody” and ends with a mini-guitar solo that’s somehow even more soulful than the L.A. cosmic R&B musician’s wail. The fact that the song returns to this moment over and over again is just a sign that NoMBe knows where his bread is buttered.

Coming after the incredibly romantic “Young Hearts” video, “Freak” is just another sign that the up-and-coming singer’s debut album They Might’ve Even Loved Me is going to be excellent. And we almost didn’t get to hear it.

“[“Freak” is] the one and only song my significant other never wanted me to release,” he told Pigeons & Planes. “Lucky for you she eventually caved because the world needs to hear it.”

Hey, being humble is a virtue for a reason. And when your first couple of tracks from your debut album are generating the sort of buzz that NoMBe’s getting, you can afford to be a little cocky about it. Give it a listen up top and to find where you fall on the idea that the world needed to hear this new track.