No, Hubie Brown Did Not Allude To Masturbation While Describing Kevin Love

Posted by Bill DiFilippo on

Hubie Brown is one of the best color commentators in all of basketball. No one over the course of a game sees more than he does, and the Hall of Famer’s seriousness and passion for basketball comes through any time he is calling a game for ESPN.

Brown also has a very particular way of talking – shout out to “the painted area” – and every now and then it can cause fans to raise their eyebrows. For example, during Sunday’s game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Atlanta Hawks, it sounded like Brown was advising Cavs big man Kevin Love to do something very, very naughty. If you weren’t paying attention, you may have thought Brown was telling Love to use his right or left hand to “jerk off” a defender.

This, of course, was not what Brown was saying at all. Instead, he was telling Love to “shirk off” a defender near the basket. Shirk off. Not jerk off. Hubie Brown is a man of principle and would not make such a sordid comment on national television.

Make sure you come back for the next post in our series tentatively titled “Things That Basketball People Say That Sound Dirty But Are Not”. We’ll be discussing the use of the phrase “can finish with either hand,” which Jay Bilas will invariably use to describe a prospect during the 2016 NBA Draft.