‘NME’ Allegedly Used Stormzy’s Image For A Cover Story On Depression Without Even Talking To Him

Posted by Corbin Reiff on


Depression is an extremely sensitive and extremely personal topic for those who are afflicted with it. Opening up about it isn’t easy, which is probably why Stormzy is so angry this morning. The British grime rapper recently talked with the magazine NME about his own battles with depression. Apparently he was okay with sharing his thoughts and feelings on the subject, but didn’t want to be used as a cover boy…which is exactly what they ended up doing, allegedly without his permission.

After seeing the cover, Stormzy took to Twitter to lash out at the publication. “You lot know I don’t rant or open my mouth up for no reason but serious, NME magazine are the biggest bunch of sly, foul PAIGONS,” he began.

After ripping the magazine with a well-considered argument he singled out the editor who penned the cover piece.

NME then responded over Twitter arguing that they were a free publication trying to bring greater awareness to depression, but Stormzy was having none of it. “You’re not a non-profit organization,” he pointed out.

In the end, he believes that NME acted in bad faith to try and shift more copies of their publication.

What do you think? If you were in Stormzy’s shoes how would you have reacted?