Nipsey Hussle And Buddy Flex Through The LA Streets In Their Lavish ‘Status Symbol’ Video

Posted by Aaron Williams on

When Nipsey Hussle and Buddy get together, magic always happens. That’s why they’re on their third “Status Symbol” collaboration, which is just one part of a full-on constellation of collaborations between the two South Los Angeles rap stalwarts. In the new video for “Status Symbol 3” from Nipsey’s Victory Lap album, which the duo just shared, they drive luxury automobiles through the LA streets, reflecting the lyrics to Buddy’s melodic chorus.

The video borrows inspiration from the song in other ways too. At the beginning of the video, Buddy is late for the shoot, resulting in a Nipsey Facetime call that reveals Buddy doesn’t quite remember where he’s supposed to be on top of forgetting when to be there as well. The video also features stunning aerial shots of the city’s downtown skyline and a “behind-the-scenes” section that reveals the video they were supposed to shoot isn’t even the one they wound up shooting.

Both rappers are having a huge breakout year, as Buddy just finished a nationwide tour alongside Joey Badass and released his well-received debut album Harlan & Alondra, while Nipsey also released his own “debut” album on Atlantic after a decade of dropping independent projects under his own imprint. However, it appears that even as they acquire more success individually, they’re still sticking with their winning formula, using their chemistry to craft hits that make both indispensable names on the LA rap scene.