Nigel D. Presents: The Ancient City Of Rome

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This year for my birthday I decided to go all out and do something I will remember for the rest of my life. So I passed on going to Vegas for fight weekend or buying bottles at a club. I decided to go on my own little world tour including, Rome, Dubai & Egypt. The first stop was the ancient city of Rome. I’m a fan of great architecture, and Rome is full of beautiful buildings, waterfalls and statues (also women). So I got a chance to go inside the famous, “Colosseum,” see the “Sistine Chapel,” look through the, “Magic Keyhole Of Rome,” visit the Vatican Museum and get a taste of life in Rome. Check out pictures from the trip in the slideshow.


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No trip to Rome is complete with out stop at the Colosseum. The ancient place where gladiators fought which you might recognize from the movie, “Gladiator.” This huge structure was built around 70-80 A.D.

The picture on the right is the view you get when you look through the keyhole of the door on the left. It is a view of the Vatican Palace.

Roman Forum