Nas’ ‘Street Dreams’ Sample Script Gives Us A Glimpse On What To Expect

Posted by Delenda Joseph on


It took three years but Nasir Jones is finally marching ahead with his Street Dreams television series based on his early career. Recently it was announced that BET had gone ahead with a pilot for the series which means Nas is now looking for a young doppelganger to star in the anticipated show.

The ageless rapper hopped on Instagram and revealed he’s on the hunt for “a talented actor who can play the 16-year-old me” and “hold my projects down.” Set in Queens in the early ’90s, Nas also said his show would have it all. “From artists like Eric B, B.I.G., Roxanne Shante, to Producers like Large Professor and Premo to places like The Bridge to quarter waters to Jesus pieces.”

A sample script from the casting website depicts a young and nervous Nas meeting legendary Queensbridge rapper Roxanne Shante and trying to convince her to let him open one of her shows. Upset that Nas is selling drugs in the neighborhood, Roxanne Shante initially disses his mixtape but eventually asks him to rhyme right there on the spot. Nas, who goes by Kid Wave, fumbles his impromptu set of “complex rhymes, unique technique and a flow that breathes hunger” and asks for a do-over. Roxanne Shante schools the newbie on preparedness, telling him, “You gonna just start over onstage? Cuz the crowd would f*ck your ass up. And then I’d f*ck your ass up for you even associating that wack-ass sh*t with me.” Even with the missteps, she was still impressed with his bars and offered him an opportunity of a lifetime.

Check the rest of sample script here.