Mystikal Speaks On Getting Locked Up

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Complex: What do you think of all the rappers like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and others going to jail at the height of their careers?

Mystikal: It’s crazy. A lot of people ask me if I feel like they targeting rappers, and I guess there’s truth to that, but the bottom line is, I’m in control of the decisions I make. I’m in control of the positions that I allow myself to be in. I’m in control of the muthafuckas I have around me. So in all those areas, I fucked up. So it ultimately falls on me. So you got to wise up with the decisions you make, especially if you fuckin’ successful. Respect your success. I came off the throne to try to show somebody to just pay attention to what the fuck you do ’cause it can cost you. Look how much it cost me, man. Six years. I’d be at that $100 million mark right now. I guarantee you. So now they done pissed me off. Now I want $200 million.

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Mystikal had a little buzz back in the day with, “Shake Ya Ass,” & “Danger,” but was damn near forgotten after getting locked up for six years, smh.