MMG Covers Vibe’s “Juice” Issue (Meek Mill Says He Plans On Being Bigger Than Jay-Z)

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“Our genre prides itself so much on finding new shit that we don’t appreciate nothing no more,” Wale proclaims. “They’re so busy telling niggas that they’re not great or not future legends, that they anoint niggas that haven’t done nothing! I’m not taking nothing away from Chief Keef, but they just jumped so fast! Y’all was just on A$AP hard! I sold 165,000 in the first week in the face of niggas that blatantly didn’t want to see me win. But y’all concerned about who’s next…”

“I think I can be the biggest rapper in the game,” Meek says matter-of-factly. “Ross is the boss of the team, but he’s not the limit to how far you can go. I got plans on being bigger than Jay-Z—and [Ross] wants that.

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Do you agree with what Wale is saying about the rush to find the new artist to blow up? Does Meek Mill have that much potential in your eyes? Is MMG the hottest record label out right now, as Diddy said on 106 & Park yesterday?

Check part two of the cover below.