Migos Brought ‘Bad And Boujee’ To ‘Ellen’ And Her Audience Went Crazy

Posted by Caitlin White on

Migos have the biggest song in the world right now — “Bad And Boujee” — which blew up late last year and definitely benefitted from a Donald Glover shoutout at the Golden Globes.

One of the funniest things about that shoutout was how few people in that Golden Globes room knew what the song was, but if it seemed like might’ve been the case when the Atlanta trio appeared on Ellen today, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. “Bad And Boujee” is officially so big that not only did it land Migos on Ellen, but her audience knew the words and was thrilled to have the group on the show. It wasn’t quite Nigeria, but it was close.

Sure, it was tough for them to rap through an extremely edited version of the track, but that didn’t stop the morning show host and her guests from turning up and relishing the performance. The juxtaposition of trap music and Ellen‘s sanitized morning show is supposed to be the funny element here, yet, the rise of rap music has become so unstoppable that it is no longer even a stretch for a group like Migos to appear on this kind of mainstream show. That’s a pretty incredible feat, both for Migos and for the culture at large.

Their new album Culture is out now, get it here.