Migos And The Roots Get ‘Bad And Boujee’ With Office Supplies On ‘The Tonight Show’

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Migos has been riding high this year, including a special shoutout by Donald Glover at the Golden Globes and busting through on daytime television with Ellen. They also got a bit of a rub from the Atlanta Falcons at the Super Bowl, but nobody wants to relive that. It’s a good time to be ‘Bad And Boujee,’ even if it has spawned a few bad cover videos. Jimmy Fallon joins that team on NBC after having a difficult time with “rain drop, drop top.”

Anyway, you know the guys in Migos have made it when they’re stopping by The Tonight Show to play their hit with The Roots and Fallon. Instead of doing the kid instruments, though, the group heads into the office to play the song on a variety of office equipment. Scissors, a coffee pot, A box of tacks, some water bottles, and many other things bring the song to life. And even though everybody looks pretty horrible in their office getup — except Migos for some reason — it works well. Also Questlove looks a little too comfortable with the scissors and the Milton look from Office Space.


All that is left is an appearance on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and maybe a spot on the panel with Bill Maher. If I see Migos on Meet The Press, discussing healthcare and Trump’s foreign policy, it might be too much. It might be too much in general, but we’ve definitely crossed a line at that point.

(Via NBC)