Michael Vick Now Set To Be A Contrusction Worker For $10 An Hour

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Vick’s attorneys hope his contrition and the discussion of his finances will help them gain a judge’s approval of his plan to emerge from bankruptcy. Under the plan, Vick would keep the first $750,000 of his annual income over the next five years. After that, a percentage would go to his creditors based on a sliding scale.

On Thursday, Vick’s attorneys said he has agreed to star in a documentary for $600,000 once he gets out of prison. They said he has also lined up a $10-an-hour job as a construction worker when he is released to home confinement in a house he owns in Hampton, Va.

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Michael Vick was making 10-12 million a year and lost it all over being extremely stupid. Vick also stated he feels he can play another 10 years in the NFL, we will see what happens.

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