Michael Jordan Painted His Private Plane To Look Like His Classic Elephant Print Sneakers

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Michael Jordan intentionally painted his private to plane to look like this.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

It looks like the plane has been caught in some netting or enveloped by barbed wire but it is actually a homage to one of the uglier sneakers from his collection. Why not go with the classic Jordans if you’re painting a private plane? Why make your plane look like Wolverine got one of his claws into it and carved it up?

If you’re interested in getting an idea on how much it costs to refurbish a Gulfstream — not surprisingly, there’s not too much information out there about painting private planes — this story should give you an idea of how rich a private plane owner is. It’s going to make you wish you were a generational basketball star with a sneaker empire instead of whatever profession you chose.

Let’s say Steph Curry bought a private plane and wanted to design the exterior around his dad shoes? What would that plane look like? Would it just be totally white with some gray paint around the windows? Would there be laces built into the roof that were just way too long? Would the plane only make flights to Home Depot and Loews?

Anyway, a rich guy painted his plane.

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