Michael Jackson Apparently Really Wanted To Play James Bond

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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British Secret Service agent 007 — aka James Bond — is one of the most iconic pop culture figures of the last several decades and he’s been portrayed by some of the most iconic British actors ever to grace the silver screen — and George Lazenby. However, if another pop culture icon had his way, we’d possibly all remember the MI6 agent with a license to kill as more of a “smooth criminal.” That’s right, Michael Jackson wanted to play James Bond, once upon a time.

Famed celebrity agent Michael Ovitz, who formerly represented names like Tom Cruise, Bill Murray, and Steven Spielberg, says in his tell-all memoir, Who Is Michael Ovitz?, that the “Thriller” star once lobbied hard to win the role, according to Metro. Apparently, things didn’t go well during the meeting with Ovitz and then-partner Ron Myer; Michael’s hat fell into a bowl of guacamole, a sizable blob of which stuck to his hat after he put it back on.

When the guac finally dislodged itself, Ovitz says he and Myer cracked up laughing, incensing the Moonwalker star and sending him stalking off. Although they were able to convince him that they weren’t laughing at his suggestion he play James Bond so much as the hilarity of the guacamole’s unscheduled cameo appearance, they then had to convince him of all the reasons he wasn’t right for the role — besides his startling lack of, well, being British.

Ovitz told Michael that he was “thinly built,” “too sensitive,” and not “credible as a brutal block of stone.” And while that was enough to convince Mike that he should pursue other interests, it doesn’t exactly explain how Timothy Dalton ended up with the role in The Living Daylights