Meek Mill Has Announced His Upcoming Album’s Release Date And It Is Sooner Than Expected

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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Meek Mill revealed his first post-prison album’s release date in Vogue and it’s right around the corner. Amid an intense and in-depth conversation about his criminal justice reform activism, he casually announced that his next full-length project and first since 2017’s Wins & Losses would be arriving not just this year, but by the end of this month, on November 30.

But the bulk of the profile is made up of quotes about his harrowing experience in the prison system, where he landed after a suspicious arrest at 18 years old and where the probation system has kept him a semi-permanent resident ever since. He also talked about bigger plans than just his album, which he’s been working on since being released this spring after a state supreme court order superseded the judge in his case to allow for him to go free until he could have his case re-tried in light of new evidence.

Meek has put together a criminal justice reform organization that is “taking a superhero approach” to freeing “1 million people unjustly caught in the criminal justice system.” “We started with a bold number, saying we’re trying to help free a million people, and we’re not saying free a million people out of prison,” he explained. “Half of these people are on probation or parole, or on cash bail and things like that.”

Meanwhile, he’s already released the sultry first single to his as-yet-untitled album, “Dangerous,” which features Jeremih and PNB Rock.