Master P Responds To Kodak Black’s Accusations Of Charging For Mentorship With Some Free Advice

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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Kodak Black has been sparking debate and controversy almost since day one, but comments he recently made on radio have inspired at least one OG to take Trick Daddy’s advice and try to check him, before he gets himself into anymore hot water.

During the young Floridian rapper’s latest visit to The Breakfast Club, he expressed a belief that No Limit founder Master P only tried to mentor him in the past to make money off of him, saying, “How you gonna say, ‘Okay, it ain’t about no money,’ but then turn around and be on some money sh*t?” In response, P took to Instagram to clear the air and offer up some advice to Kodak, free of charge.

“A lot of these artists, when you try to help them, they say something crazy,” he said. “I heard the things that Kodak Black said about Boosie, Jeezy, about me… The only thing I was trying to do with the little boy was help him… Everything you doing on social media, all you doing is telling on yourself. You’re the police because you’re telling on yourself. Putting guns, putting money up, you got 150 Gs, but you can’t give 10 Gs back to the community or the school you went to. My thing is It’s okay to say you don’t know. Then people will help you… Look at the people who been there before you, we really can help you.”

It’s solid advice from an industry veteran who paid dues, made a lot of money, racked up hits, and stayed out of trouble. Kodak Black may be working on the first three things, but it seems like that last one has been the sticking point for him. Hopefully, some of the advice he’s getting lately is getting through to him, because if he can’t straighten himself out, his career will be a lot shorter — if he avoids a lengthy prison sentence, that is.

Kodak Black is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.