Marshawn Lynch Is The Star Of Train’s ‘Drink Up’ Video And Should Be In Every Music Video Ever

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

Marshawn Lynch is a national treasure. Whether he’s braving the wilderness with Bear Grylls, chilling in Scotland riding bikes, or blowing up poor, unsuspecting teenagers at his football camp Beast Mode is always entertaining with a heart of gold.

Now, he’s taking all his charming qualities into the world of music videos, as he stars as himself as a groom in Train’s new video for their track “Drink Up.” There, Marshawn totes a bottle of Hennessy while his guests drink champagne, cuts the cake with his bride, cracks jokes with his guests and even gets down on the dance floor. It’s amazing, and Marshawn would clearly be a welcomed addition to each and every music video ever. Maybe it should be a requirement going forward: if you film a music video, Marshawn has to make a cameo. No exceptions.

But how did Beast Mode end up in a random video from wine enthusiasts Train along with the likes of George Lopez, Ken Jeong, and Jim Breuer? Well, just some more, typical Bay Area hospitality from Marshawn. As it turns out, Train lead singer Patrick Monahan is a native of San Francisco, and when the band performed at the 2013 Pro Bowl he stuck up a friendship with Marshawn through his agent. The two hit it off, and a few years later, here we are with Marshawn in Monahan’s new video complete with a Super Bowl XLIX run or pass joke and a bottle of Hennessy.