Marshawn Lynch Experiencing Scotland Is The Perfect Comedic Break We All Need

Posted by Robby Kalland on

Marshawn Lynch deserves his own television show or network or network conglomerate, because he is one of the most entertaining people whenever he graces us with his presence on camera.

Whether he’s climbing mountains with Bear Grylls or acting like Willy Wonka on Conan, Lynch has become one of the most lovable figures in sports. Earlier this month we saw video of Lynch doing a wheelie on a bicycle in Scotland while playing chicken with a bus and just chalked it up to Marshawn being Marshawn, but now we know why he was over there.

Lynch was doing a promotion with Skittles where he rode around on a bike asking people in Houston, Scotland if they knew about the Super Bowl in Houston, Texas. He also stopped by a kilt shop where he was amazed that people actually wear kilts, was dumbfounded to find out a castle he was visiting was built in the 1100s, got into a sword fight with some guys in the woods and tried his hand at bagpiping. The best part, though, was him just loading that one lady up with fifty bags of Skittles.

Marshawn Lynch’s emergence as one of the funniest personalities that the NFL has produced is one of the best things of the past few years. The man who was once known for repeating the same one-sentence answer to the media is undefeated in creating amazingly funny videos.

After watching this video, all I can ask for from 2017 is that someone, somewhere shells out the money to give us a Marshawn Lynch travel show. Beast Mode Around The World can be your working title and run from there. I’m giving this to you all for free. All I ask in return is that it happens because I would tune in each week. Lynch is equal parts goofy, curious and smart, which is the perfect combination for a travel show host.