Listen To Bobby Shmurda Lay Down A Fire Freestyle Over The Phone While In Prison

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

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One of the greatest things about rap is that you can do it literally anywhere. Take Bobby Shmurda for instance. Even though he’s presently incarcerated for the next several years on fourth-degree conspiracy and second-degree criminal weapons possession charges, that doesn’t mean he can’t drop a fire freestyle now and again.

Recently, Shmurda put in a call to his friend Travis Scott who implored the “Hot N***a” rapper to come off the dome over the phone with some bars. Shmurda was only too happy to oblige the request, proving that he’s lost nothing of his verbal acumen while sitting in jail. According to Scott who filmed Shmurda’s performance and posted it to his Instagram, Meek Mill was also on the line.

Shmurda is by no means the first artist to lay down a recording while in prison. Mac Dre recorded a whole EP titled Back N Da Hood over the phone in 1992 while doing time for conspiracy to commit bank robbery. Prodigy put out “The Phone Tap (Welcome to State Prison” in 2010. Max B logged an appearance on Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo last year during “Silver Surfer Intermission.”And who among us could forget the great Lucious Lyon of Empire fame who managed to smuggle in an entire makeshift recording studio after bribing a set of guards and created the masterpiece “Snitch B*tch?” Legendary.