Lil Yachty Rides The Superhero Wave In His Ominous New Single ‘X Men’

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

There’s literally no more bankable IP in the world right now than Superheroes. Actually, scratch that. There’s no more bankable IP in the world right now than Marvel-related Superheroes. Props to Lil Yachty for recognizing where the money is and trying to cash in on that wave with his brand new single “X Men.”

The latest cut from Lil Boat’s upcoming album Teenage Emotions dropped earlier today. It’s an ominous, trap-flavored banger that comes with startlingly dire chorus-contributions from El Paso, Texas native Evander Griiim. In the song, Yachty is clearly pissed of at someone, rapping, “You talk to me crazy, I’m checkin’ you / I really feel broke standin’ next to you / You don’t have a place in my heart, bro / I saw what you’re drive as a car, bro / You shouldn’t want beef from the start / Everywhere I drive leave marks / All of you n****s is marks / You stinky and dirty like farts.”

Adolescent allusions to flatulence aside, “X Men” is actually a pretty dope track, and a hopeful sign that Lil Boat’s debut album will live up to the high level of expectation that his many, many fans are holding up for it.

You can listen to Lil Boat’s latest single “X Men” above.