Lil Wayne Announces That ‘Tha Carter V’ Will Finally Release On His Upcoming Birthday

Posted by Aaron Williams on

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Lil Wayne has finally announced the release date of his long-awaited album, Tha Carter V. In a Youtube video tweeted out just moments ago, he cleared the air about the “missed” release date that just passed and verified that the actual release date would be his birthday, September 27.

Wayne’s announcement comes on the heels of a fan outcry after an errant Tha Carter V release rumor snowballed into a media-wide assumption that the long-delayed return album would drop last week. When it didn’t, fans reactions were split between fatigued disappointment and smug cynicism, but Lil Wayne himself stayed mysteriously quiet through the social media furor.

Of course, the reasons for the album’s many, many delays are well-known, with postponements coming at the hands of Cash Money founder Birdman, who was embroiled in a long dispute with Wayne regarding back-owed royalties, from Wayne’s various health problems, and even from “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli, who claimed to have found a copy of the album on CD in a care Wayne sold.

In the meantime, Wayne kept himself busy with live performances at unusual venues like the 2018 Adult Video News Awards and with his Dedication 6 mixtape, which showed flashes of the young, hungry Wayne and proved he hadn’t allowed his lyrical instincts to get dulled in the time away. Wayne recently announced that he had finally been granted sole ownership of Young Money Records, which sparked the original speculation that Tha Carter V was nearing a solid release date.