Lil Wayne Announces An ‘I Ain’t Sh*t Without You’ Tour That Lets Fans Vote On Cities

Posted by Andre Gee on

After the success of his long-awaited, well-crafted Tha Carter V album, Lil Wayne is continuing his resurgence with a tour. Today, the rap icon dropped a video announcing a Tidal-partnered tour called “I Ain’t Sh*t Without You.” As braggadocios as Wayne is in his rhymes, he historically begins his shows letting his fans know two things: “I am nothing without you” and “I am nothing without you.” He decided to put that gracious mantra into the title of his latest tour.

Picking up where the “Uproar” challenge left off to show that he’s in tune with the digital era, Wayne is letting his fans go to Tidal and vote on which cities will comprise the tour. It’s currently unknown if it’s a domestic tour, or if there will be dates in Canada or other countries, but we’ll know the results on December 10th. For Wayne’s part, he said in the video that the shows will take place “in a real intimate setting,” but he’s still “gonna go crazy.”

The world is still buzzing from his Tha Carter V project, but those won’t represent the entirety of the tour’s setlist. He said the show will consist of “sh*t you never heard,” and “some sh*t people will never hear.” You can vote here to get the intriguing show in your city.