Lebron James & The Cavaliers Get Eliminated From The 2010 NBA Playoffs

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Tweets about the game:

Breaking News: Jay-Z Will be at Summer Jam with special guest Lebron James To Perform, “Already Home.”

I don’t want Lebron in NY! Knick tickets will double in price and he will be in the club with jay-z getting all the hoes!

RT: @GeeMoneyLJF @Nigel_D lebron comin 2 the #raptors lol – More likely he is eaten by a raptor

Aight so he can be called, “Lebum,” or “Princess James,” which one yall pick?

My thing is Lebron James not even trying. If it was Kobe he would of shot like 20 3 points trying to make a comeback.
Nigel D.

The game was real disappointing, it seemed like the Cavs never had a sense or urgency. Lebron James didn’t seem to give it his all and had way too many turnovers. So now they say the top 3 teams that might get Lebron are the Cavs, the Bulls or the Knicks. What are your thoughts on the game and where Lebron will go? Check below for a video on where Lebron might go.

Jay-Z speaks on Lebron James & Nets