Lady Hennessy: Melyssa Ford, Dollicia Bryan, Toccara Jones,Miss Issa & Angelica Curves

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Dollicia Bryan, Melyssa Ford, Miss Issa
Dollicia BryanMelyssa FordJoy Daily & Toccara Jones

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Hennessy held a party for it’s, “Lady Hennessy,” tour featuring Melyssa Ford, Dollicia Bryan, Toccara Jones, Miss Issa & Angelica Curves in NYC last night. The ladies were looking lovely as you can see in the pics above and in the gallery. Video is on the way…

My Face at the party

More pics below…

Lady Hennessy Ladies

The Ladies & Execs of Lady Hennessy

Joy Daily & Melyssa Ford

Joy & Melyssa Ford

Melyssa Ford

Dollicia Bryan
The homegirl Dollicia Bryan

Dollicia Bryan

Miss Issa
The extremely sexy Miss Issa

Joy Daily
Joy Daily

Miss Issa & Toccara
Miss Issa & Toccara

dsc_0009Miss IssaToccara