Kim Kardashian Is Feeling The Pressure Planning For Kanye’s 40th Birthday

Posted by Corbin Reiff on

On June 8, Kanye West will officially turn 40 years old. Time sure does fly doesn’t it? What normally would be an occasion to look forward to through, actually has his wife Kim Kardashian feeling a little stressed, as she revealed during her recent appearance on Ellen. “He does the most amazing, romantic, over-the-top, crazy, wild things that you would never even imagine for me,” she said. “The pressure is so on.”

She’s not completely out of thoughts about what to do, but she was understandably shy about revealing them. “I think I have an idea, but I don’t really wanna say…but I still want it to be intimate, a little small; not too crazy. Not too overwhelming.” Ellen wasn’t feeling that however. “I’m gonna say that’s a bad idea,” the host revealed. “He’s gonna want something big!” When Kardashian asked for ideas, Ellen offered up an entire hour of her show to honor Yeezy. “He can play music. He can talk about whatever he wants.”

In all honesty, Kim is going to have to come up with something pretty big in order to match her husband’s celebratory exploits. Remember that time he proposed to her by renting out an entire major league baseball stadium? Or how about that team he surprised her on Mother’s day with a full string section? And who could forget that adorable birthday video he made for her last year?

Good luck Kim!