Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ Video Has The Internet Understandably Excited AF

Posted by Bansky Gonzalez on

King Kendrick has definitely returned. That much is apparent after Kendrick Lamar dropped his new song and video “Humble” and basically shook the world up. The aggressive and surly banger hit the net like a bomb, stuffed with C-4 and dipped in nitroglycerin, and deservedly so because the track is insane and the video is even more incredible than the song. With his (surely) increased budget and prominence Kendrick has been able to create large scale productions for his visuals, and project plenty of enticing imagery and symbolism.

“Humble” does all of that and then some, as the video is practically five or six videos stuffed into one, opening with the image from the track’s artwork, Kendrick in a pope’s outfit while a light shines down on him. From there it morphs into so much more, with typical rap tropes like Kendrick on a bed of money, counting cash with half naked women to more dense material like this:

And this:

There’s everything from religious imagery to commentary on body image and plastic surgery. Like most things Kendrick releases, “Humble” is full of layers that will be unfurled back by his fans in the days and weeks to come, just like he wants.

Of course, Twitter is reacting and understandably excited now that Kendrick is back and wrecking sh*t like usual.