Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’ Leaked, But Is It Even The Official Version?

Posted by Caitlin White on

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While the internet is up in arms over the Kendrick Lamar album, a member of the TDE camp just came and shut everything down real quick. “But what if I told you… that’s not the real version?” the in-house producer tweeted after everyone had just begun to nicely settle into the leak”:

Well, that throws a monkey wrench in things! But there’s precedent for this lately, especially considering TDE probably knew that the physical version of the record was very likely to leak. Frank Ocean’s Blond(e) had two alternate versions — not to mention Endless — and Future just released two new albums back to back. I could see Kendrick doing something like that, too, strictly based on how competitive and prolific he is. Then again, this could also be TDE just messing around with fans to see what the reaction is.

Further fuel to this fire might be the two images from the album artwork that was Sounwave’s last tweet just before this:

Sure, one looks like it’s the back cover and the other looks like it’s the front, but it could just as easily signify that there’s two different versions of DAMN., two different font colors etc. Either way, everything is coming to a head tonight, so keep following along.