Kendrick Lamar’s Album ‘DAMN’ Got The Game Amped Up And Inspired: ‘Glad Real Rap Still Exists’

Posted by Corbin Reiff on


Just like most of the rap-loving world, The Game was apparently blown away when he finally got the chance to hear Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album DAMN. Many people, myself included, wondered if this was the moment where K. Dot made the case for becoming the genre’s greatest of all-time. While The Game himself doesn’t go that far, judging from the note he shared on Instagram earlier today, he holds his fellow Compton-native in the highest esteem possible.

“From me to whoever the f**ck is concerned, this album is a dope as f**k blood,” The Game declared. “If you are a true fan of hip hop, then you have it memorized by now !!! If you are a hip hop fan & you do not have [Kendrick Lamar’s] sh*t by now.” f**k you, that’s on Compton, Bompton & my hood & my kids.”

That was just the opening sentiment. The Game was only getting started. “Dot I’m proud of you blood,” he said. “I studied the album & im proud of this sh*t my n***a !!!” Then he brought it back to their hometown. “K-Dot, you know where we from & what it took for n***s like us to not only make it out the HUB alive but to achieve greatness on the same accord is nothing short of a blessing….. this sh*t got me beyond motivated. Adding, “glad real rap still exist….no disrespect to you sucka n***s… but f**k y’all, you can’t rap & ya mama know you ain’t sh*t”

You can read The Game’s entire note below.

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